1 Person - $85

2 Person - $125

3 Person - $165

4 Person - $180

Surfing Lesson

By Appointment Only



Hang ten with NALU! Learn to surf! Join us on the beach to master the waves. This educational private lesson emphasizes safety and the basic fundamentals of surfing. NALU offers 9' and 11' soft top boards. Enjoy an hour in the waves after a 15 min ground lesson on the beach for instruction in a small group. Rash guard or athletic shirt is required. Just meet us at the Rock Beauty beach access at your time and get ready for some fun! Our goal is to get your standing and ripping up some surf. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Book online to secure your surfing experience! (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE) Total time: 1 hour and 15 minutes


Meet at Rock Beauty Beach Access.


Rash guard or athletic shirt required.


Tour FAQ's






  • Do I need any prior surfing experience to do a lesson?

    None! Our surf lessons are geared toward the beginner.  We will provide a ground lesson as well as on water training that will give you a great introduction to surfing technique and safety, as well as provide you with all the necessary equipment. Regardless of your age or skill level, you will find that our lessons are safe and fun.

  • Will I be able to stand up?

    We only use 9' and 11' soft top long boards geared with a beginner in mind.

    This are big boards making it easier to stand and progress your skills.  Although we cannot guarantee you will stand, we are confident that you will get up.

  • What do I need to bring to my surf lesson?

    Recommended items to bring include: swimsuit, rash guard or athletic shirt,

    sunscreen, and water.

  • Are there any age requirements for taking a surf lesson?

    NALU invites the whole family to join us on a surfing lesson. The recommended age to participate in a surf lesson is 6 years old and up. You are never too old to surf but if your are concerned you can contact us to discuss your physical abilities.

  • What if the weather is bad the day of my surf lesson?

    If it is raining the day of your surf lesson, we will make a decision to either wait (the storms on Fripp Island pass through very quickly) or reschedule depending on the situation.

  • Are there any physical limitations?

    Anyone in average physical condition may join us for a surf lesson. The only prerequisite we require is a healthy spirit of curiosity and adventure. Our surf lessons are not considered to be strenuous or physically demanding, and we do not require a high level of fitness, however, if you have any physical impairments that require special services or have concerns about any special needs, please call us to discuss them.

  • When should I show up for my lesson?

    Please show up promptly at your scheduled lesson time. Your instructor will meet you on the beach with all the necessary equipment.

  • Are there any safety concerns?

    The only major safety concern is the board hitting you. We'll give you some tips to avoid this from happening. Accidents do happen, that's why we use soft-top boards to prevent injury.

  • I am deciding between a surfboard lesson and a surfboard rental.

    Which one should I do?

    We recommend if you have never tried surfing or if you are a beginner that you do a surfing lesson. With the surf lesson we will give you the surfing basics to progress you skills a lot faster. After you do a lesson, don't let the fun stop, go for the surfboard rental!



  • Should I "tip" my surfing instructor?

    Although not required, a instructor gratuity at the end of your lesson is a nice gesture of appreciation for outstanding service, fun times, and smiling children. Personal instructor is a hospitality industry; comparable to that of a server at a restaurant, except that our instructors spend more time with you, teach you more, keep you safe and make your time on the water unforgettable.


  • Where do I go for my lesson?

    We do all surf lessons at the Rock Beauty Beach Access. You will meet you instructor where the beach meets the beach access. Take a look a the map below for more details.




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