Hourly- $19

Daily- $49

Weekly- $149


NALU Paddle Boarding
 At NALU, the continuing way of sharing our love of paddle boarding with other people is rentals. We would love to help you on your way to paddle boarding as other people have helped us. Located at Fripp Island Marina, SC we are ready to set you up with an experience like no other. As two close brothers who love paddle boarding, we are eager to give you a thorough ground lesson to make sure your are water ready. Book online to ensure your paddle board experience. Take the board to go and we will give you a roof rack for your car or bungees for your golf cart. ONLY RECOMMENDED FOR PEOPLE WITH PADDLE BOARD EXPERIENCE. A CREDIT CARD AND A DRIVER LICENSE IS REQUIRED. (Includes Paddle Board, Paddle, PFD, and ground lesson) Transporting Paddle Board Golf Cart/Car Bungees (Carries 1-3 Paddle Board) - Included Located at the marina at 899 Bonito Dr., Fripp Island, SC 29920 Water shoes required (any shoes strapped to your foot). We will provide water shoes if you do not have any. FAQ’s

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