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NALU is a brand devoted to living the dream and we experience that mainly through paddle boarding. Here at NALU, we believe that paddle boarding is more than sport, It is a way to have fun and to live an enjoyable life while staying in good health. NALU is all about SUPing (Stand Up Paddle Boarding). Our home office is in Fripp, SC where we also offer rentals and tours as a way to share our love for SUPing. Whether it's paddle surfing, flat-water SUPing, saltwater, freshwater, or whitewater, stand up paddle boarding adds fun and excitement to your life. NALU offers the best paddle board clothing, apparel, and accessories to continue paddle boarding on and off the water. Read more of our story.


NALU is living the ambitious, positive, empowering, peaceful life that paddle boarding brings.  As the founders of NALU, we know paddle boarding. After diving into the paddle board rental and tour business on the coast of South Carolina, we felt that paddle boarding had chosen us and that life was paddle boarding from then on.




We want everyone to experience the incredible lifestyle that SUPing brings. The people who choose to be a part of NALU choose something more than just paddle boarding, they choose a lifestyle. NALU has a goal to enhance the experience of those who take advantage of standup paddle boarding by providing superior products, news, and  information to the world. Whether you are a competing in a SUP race, paddle surfing in the ocean, catching rays on the lake, yoga boarding, or enjoying the world’s rivers and streams, NALU offers a way to continue that lifestyle on and off the water.














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We started this SUP rental and tour business called "NALU Paddle Boarding" not really knowing what to expect. We were paddle boarding and teaching others to paddle board everyday. What we found, was phenomenal. We experienced how unique and powerful paddle boarding is. The options on a paddle board as well as in life are almost endless. Whether you're flat-water cruising, paddle surfing, white water boarding, yoga boarding, riding tandem, or paddle fishing, paddle boarding offers you an experience like no other.


But it's not just the act of paddle boarding though, it's the way it makes you feel.  When you are on a board, you simply feel great, powerful, free, in alignment, and almost euphoric. Paddle boarding seems to come with you off the water as well. We wanted this empowering, no worries feeling all the time. Every spare moment we had, we were on the water. After capturing that life on and off the water for 3 months, we we looked back on where we started and where we were going. That life we were living was NALU. It was now our mission to spread that uplifting way of life. NALU was born.




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