Guided Paddle Board Tour



Join us on a beginner friendly one and a half to two hour paddle board oasis experience. We may see dolphins, pelicans, otters, and more. Our guides will provide as much or as little instruction as needed. After a gear up, and ground lesson, we will set off for a relaxing, beautiful cruise down Old House Creek. We invite the whole family to join us. Just paddle, smile, and splash. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Book online to secure your paddle board experience!



Adult Tour - $65

Child Tour (14 and under) - $50

(10% off for groups of 6 or more)


Located in the marina at 899 Bonito Dr., Fripp

Island, SC 29920. Water shoes required

(any shoe strapped to your foot). We will provide

shoes if you do not have any.


Fripp Island is an excellent oasis for paddle

boarding, the world's fastest growing water-sport.

Paddle Boarding is not just for celebrities such as

Jennifer Aniston or Matt Damon, it is also great for families, couples, or anyone wanting to gain a new perspective on Fripp Island. At NALU, we would love to help you get your start on your way to paddle boarding as other people have helped us. Paddle board with an experience professional who will give you valuable tips and techniques to get you ready for any paddle board situation. Located at Fripp Island Marina, SC we are ready to set you up with an experience like no other. As two close brothers who love paddle boarding, we are eager to give you a thorough ground lesson and create a memory you will never forget.





Tour FAQ’s




  • Do I need any prior paddle board experience to go on a tour?

    None! Paddle boarding is very beginner friendly and a great experience for beginners as well as  those who are more advanced. However, we will provide a ground lesson as well as on water training that will give you a great introduction to paddle boarding technique and safety, as well as provide you with all the necessary equipment. Regardless of your age or skill level, you will find that our expeditions are safe and fun.

  • What if I feel I may get too tired or cannot make it back?

    Our tour guides are equipped with a motorized paddle board that can tow other paddle boarders for as long as you need to make sure everybody gets back, or if you just want to hitch a ride. Safety as well as fun are top priorities here at NALU.

  • Will I be able to stand up?

    We only use state of the art Surftech boards that are very stable and beginner friendly, specifically designed for comfort and safety. We are confident you will be able to stand up with ease and enjoy the experience of paddle boarding.

  • Will I fall in the water? And if I do, will I be able to get back on the paddle board?

    There is a good chance you will fall in the water but there are some people we take out that do not fall in the entire trip. However, it is a perfectly normal and exciting part of the experience. We actually recommend jumping in the water on some days to avoid heat exposure. If you fall off, you can easily get back on the paddle board. We will give thorough instruction to make sure you are prepared if you fall off.

  • What do I need to bring on my Paddle Board trip?

    Recommended items to bring on your tour include: swimsuit, water shoes (we will provide water shoes if you do not have any), sunglasses with sunglass strap (in order to avoid losing them), and sunscreen.

  • Are there any age requirements for taking a paddle board tour?

    NALU Paddle Boarding invites the whole family to join our paddle board adventures. The recommended age to participate in a paddle board Guided Tour is 9 and above years old. However if you feel your son or daughter is capable, we are comfortable taking him or her out. Anyone 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult. You are never too old to paddle board but if your are concerned you can contact us to discuss your physical abilities.

  • What if the weather is bad the day of my tour?

    If it is raining the day of your paddle board tour, we will make a decision to either wait (the storms on Fripp Island pass through very quickly) or reschedule depending on the situation. We also make the decision to reschedule if winds are too high.

  • Why do your tour times change everyday?

    We change the tour times everyday because we time all of our tours so that we go with the the tide 90% of the course to make it as easy and beginner friendly as possible. It is almost like a lazy river.

  • Are there any physical limitations?

    Anyone in average physical condition may join us on a paddle board trip. The only prerequisite we require is a healthy spirit of curiosity and adventure. Our tours are not considered to be strenuous or physically demanding, and we do not require a high level of fitness, however, if you have any physical impairments that require special services or have concerns about any special needs, please call us to discuss them.

  • When should I show up for my tour?

    Please show up promptly at your scheduled tour time. We will check you in, give a ground lesson, set you up with all the necessary equipment to get you water ready.

  • Will I see any dolphins?

    We see dolphins all the time on our paddle board tours. Although it is not guaranteed, there is good chance you will get a view of a dolphin that you cannot get from anywhere but a paddle board.

  • Are there any safety concerns?

    The only major safety concern are oysters. The oysters in the lowcountry of South Carolina grow in clusters near the marsh and are very sharp. We take important precautions such as navigating away from the edges of the creek and wearing water shoes to protect our feet.

  • I am deciding between a paddle board tour and a paddle board rental.

    Which one should I do?

    We recommend if you have never tried paddle boarding or if you are a beginner that you do a paddle board tour. With the paddle board tour, we have mapped out a tour in great area  and have planned around the tides to make sure you have a great experience. Our tour guides are also with you the whole time to make sure you are safe do not get lost. However, if you have sufficient paddle board experience and feel capable of venturing on your own, we are glad to help set you up with your own experience.



  • Should I "tip" my Paddle board tour guide?

    Although not required, a guide gratuity at the end of your trip is a nice gesture of appreciation for outstanding service, fun times, and smiling children. Guiding is a hospitality industry; comparable to that of a server at a restaurant, except that our guides spend more time with you, teach you more, keep you safe and make your trip unforgettable.


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