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It is arguable which SUP company is the best. However, when buying a paddle board, there are many paddle board companies to choose from. And with paddle board prices going up and over $1000, it is important to pick a company with quality and a good reputation.




Surftech, founded in 1989 by Randy French, started out as a surfboard company. With a team of experienced shapers, this company produces many high quality stand up paddle boards.




Starboard offers a great variety of all round, ocean/race, touring, and surf paddle boards. This company sponsors many SUP races and events


Jimmy Lewis


Jimmy Lewis started out shaping windboards and is a renowned surfboard shaper. Jimmy Lewis has been in the watersports game for many years and now makes great paddle boards ranging from race to surf to all around.




Other Popular Companies Include:


- Naish


- C4 Waterman


- Paddle Surf Hawaii


- Coreban


- Boardworks


- Riviera


Best Paddle Board Companies Discussed By NALU




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